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Finnish-Austrian ongoing partnership

An Austrian ski resort knows who to contact when they need staff for the tourism season: EURES in Finland. Thanks to this cooperation between two EURES Advisers, between four and 10 jobseekers have been hired every year.
“I knew through our EURES Austria colleague Otto Hosp that Austrian ski resorts were looking for people to fill vacancies. I contacted Otto and travelled to Innsbruck in October 2003. We visited the ski resort Stubaier Glacier and met with the dining and restaurants manager, Manfred Unterkirchner,” explains  Mari Turunen, EURES Adviser in Finland.
Mari comes from the city of Jyväskylä, Finland, which has a high number of unemployed young people looking for jobs. After meeting with Manfred, Mari introduced him to some Finnish jobseekers, who he decided to take on as employees for the upcoming season.
Since then, around July or August each year, Manfred sends Mari an e-mail stating how many Finnish workers he requires for that year’s winter season.
To aid in the hiring process, Mari first of all screens the CVs she receives and interviews potential candidates in German before sending the pre-selected CVs to the employer. “I open the vacancies on our national vacancy register and ask the candidates to send their German language CVs to me. I interview everybody at least by telephone, partly in Finnish, to find out about their motivation and skills; but also in German, to test their language skills. Then I send my ‘ranking list’ to Mr. Unterkircher,” says Mari.
Since 2003 Stubaier Gletscher has hired between four and 10 Finnish jobseekers per year. Since this partnership has proven so successful, this cooperation is set to continue for the foreseeable future.
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