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Rise of technology industry leads to new opportunities

As computers malfunction and printers jam, technicians are often on hand to come to the aid of their co-workers. Indeed, with more technology in day-to-day use than ever before, IT support is required in almost every business and organisation in Europe today. Many of them contact EURES to help solve their recruitment needs.
New technologies of a digital world must be embraced, as it is where many jobs will be in the future. There is a now growing gap in the number of workers needed to fill job openings, and a dire need for people to get trained for careers in IT.
OM Partners is a supply chain technology business and has offices in Belgium, France and the UK. Romain de Geyer from the company was at the recent European Job Day held in Brussels and was optimistic about current opportunities in the IT sector:
“This is our first time with EURES and, I have to say, we are very busy! We’ve been offered a lot of interesting and diverse profiles, which is an advantage for IT. In September we recruited 20 people and we’re looking to recruit another 10 or 20 to add to our growing team.”
The number of vacancies at OM Partners and Skype, which also exhibited at the European Job Day, only goes to show that – despite the economic downturn – the technology industry continues to grow at pace. There are IT jobs across all sectors of industry, including programmers in healthcare, technicians in banking, and supply chain system managers in construction, among many others.
All businesses and organisations use some form of technology, from the humble photocopier and standard desktops, through to today’s use of integrated communication platforms, social media and cloud computing.
With the ever-increasing use of IT technology in business, the demand for more IT workers across Europe is a trend that is set to continue for the foreseeable future.
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