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Cross-border partnership proves fruitful

Nurses in Denmark have recently been facing a declining demand of their services. A cross-border collaboration with Sweden has provided opportunities on the other side of the border.
Copenhagen and Malmö may be in different countries, but they are only separated by a short strait with the Øresundsbron uniting them. Since the commute takes less than 30 minutes, many people commute by car or rail on a daily basis back and forth between the two countries.
“The Bridge” ("Bron" in Swedish or "Broen" in Danish) is a popular Scandinavian crime drama television series. However, rather than being the scene of a cross-border television show, this time the bridge played host to a EURES Denmark and EURES Sweden collaboration. “On both sides of the Øresund we have identified three areas where we need to make the extra effort, one of which is the need for nurses in Sweden, while in Denmark we have many unemployed nurses,” says Karin Olsen, from EURES Denmark.
The Øresund, as the common region, has similar problems with youth unemployment, and has a gap in the number of IT specialists; these issues, as well as the gap in nurses, are common problems identified by EURES.
Unemployment figures in Denmark have more than doubled in the past year, while the situation in Sweden has remained fairly stable.* EURES Denmark facilitated the collaboration between the Danish Organisation of Midwives and the Skåne University Hospital in Sweden. Several networking events were organised in Copenhagen for nurses and six medical companies, the first time at the jobcentre, and the second time at a local hotel. Information meetings were also held, with 15-20 nurses attending each time.
These recruitment events have proven popular and have already seen several nurses employed. “At an information meeting at the hospital in Skåne with 87 nurses and midwives, 14 were offered a job immediately,” concludes Karin.
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