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Online Nordic Working Job Day attracts 800 visitors

Each year, EURES Netherlands organises a job fair aimed specifically at securing work for jobseekers looking to make the move to Norway, Iceland, Denmark, Finland and Sweden. This year’s event, however, had an innovative twist – it was organised solely online.
The ‘Nordic Working’ Job Day is held every year in the Netherlands, with the aim of recruiting jobseekers to positions in the five Nordic countries. However, despite the fact that more employers and municipalities participated, the number of visitors was declining. In order to rejuvenate the event, it was decided that this year the fair would be held online, to reach out to more jobseekers than ever before.
The fair, held in early September, amassed more than 6 200 visitors to its website in the two weeks leading up to the event. On the day there were 800 visitors, with more than 130 jobseekers chatting to employers online. EURES Netherlands organised the event along with EURES Advisers in the Nordic countries. “Together with colleagues from the Dutch Social Security office and advice on how to become an entrepreneur, visitors got all the information about living and working in the Nordic countries,” says Els Hollander, EURES Netherlands Adviser, and organiser of the EOJD.
In total there were six employers, 10 municipalities and 12 EURES Advisers from the Nordic countries available online.
Online appeal
EURES Advisers were available from 15:00 until 21:00, ensuring that even those jobseekers who were unavailable during the day had the opportunity to chat to them. It was possible for jobseekers to chat, have an audio conversation, or a video conversation with the EURES Advisers about their employment profiles and potential job opportunities.
“All the jobseekers I had contact with ended the conversation by saying that this was a very good initiative and that they were very satisfied with the opportunity and the service. The job fair was very successful in my eyes, because we had the opportunity of giving quality time to the jobseekers, answering all their questions and giving them the information they needed, that otherwise they would not have had access to,” says Marisa Chefe Conde, a EURES Adviser from Sweden who took part.
Els Hollander hopes to host the Nordic Working European Online Job Day again next year, but perhaps combine it with an onsite job day. “This fair was a great experience for us. It was the first time that we organised a fair like this. But we had some great help from our partners and our Nordic colleagues. The employers were very enthusiastic and for them it was a great way to communicate with the jobseekers. It seems to me that this was an experience to be repeated,” concludes Els.
And would the Nordic partners like to participate again? “It was a very good initiative and I would definitely like to participate again!” concludes Marisa.
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