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Italian jobseeker landed a job in Germany after consulting EURES

After two years of struggling with unemployment and short-term contracts, an Italian jobseeker contacted her local EURES Adviser for advice. Just two weeks later, she got a job and has now launched a career as a baker in Germany.
Losing her job in 2010 was the start of a difficult time for Andreina Liardi. “I went through different temporary job positions, underpaid, and with bad conditions. When the owner at my last job in Italy told me that I should stay at home for a month, but that I could probably come back the month afterwards, I’d had enough. On top of this I’m a single parent,” she explains.
So Andreina took the bold decision to try to find a career elsewhere in Europe. She had heard about EURES some time before, and decided to get in touch.
“I’d searched for jobs all over Italy without any success, so one day I decided to make an appointment with Anna Bongiovanni, the EURES Adviser in my region. She was very kind to me and explained how EURES works. I went back home and sent 161 CVs to employers in Germany, specifying that I didn’t speak German, but that I spoke English. Almost all of them replied and said that my CV was good, but that I had to speak German if I wanted to work with them”.
But among the replies was one exception. Despite the fact that Andreina did not speak German, an employer in Bavaria, Germany, was prepared to give her a trial. Adriana did not hesitate: “I left for Germany straight away. On the second day of my trial period, I was employed. The contract is for one year and the pay is very good. I start at three in the morning and I always finish nine hours later, including a mid-shift break.”
Andreina enjoys Germany and finds the Germans true to her expectations: precise, polite, professional and cheerful. She now aims to stay in Germany for the foreseeable future.  
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