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European Job Day, Brussels attracts the crowds!

Every year thousands of jobseekers line up for one of the biggest job fairs in Europe, the European Job Day (EJD) in Brussels. This year saw more people than ever taking part in the event. However, one thing was notably different: the queues were substantially shorter. Why? Because, for the first time, jobseekers could also take part in the event online.
More than 4 000 visited the event on the day, and a further 11 600 participated online. EJDs are opportunities for jobseekers and employers across Europe to meet and make contact, with the aim of securing an employment contract. This year’s flagship event on 6 October was innovative in that it was not only an onsite job fair, but also offered some innovative online elements.
“I think it’s a very good service that EURES offers. I managed to speak to two different employers online, Career Jet and Express Medical. I’m a dentist but looking for a change in direction and I came to the job fair for some inspiration,” says jobseeker Nuala Ruffo from Ireland.
Taking place all over Europe throughout the year, EJDs have evolved from traditional onsite fairs to more comprehensive blended onsite and online events, ensuring jobseekers can participate no matter where in Europe they are based.
Presentations and workshops on current topics related to employment and mobility taking place in Brussels were streamed live online, with online jobseekers able to contribute to the Q&A sessions that followed. Furthermore, onsite jobseekers could connect to online employers and EURES Advisers using specially designed booths, ensuring they could take full advantage of all the opportunities on offer.
The EJD in Brussels attracts a wide variety of companies and agencies due to its unique European character. This year’s fair had a specific focus on Green, ICT and Healthcare jobs, attracting well known companies such as Skype, Volvo, Dell, Cap Gemini, Club Med and Toyota.
In total, 137 employers were registered to participate, with 72 registered as onsite and 84 registered as online participants. Some 19 employers participated in both the online and onsite events. Furthermore, EURES Advisers from 26 countries were participating online to chat to both onsite and online jobseekers.
Barbara Garcia from Enitrade AS is an employer who participated in the Job Day all the way from Buenos Aires. “This is the first time we have participated in this type of event and it was a great experience. It’s great to be anywhere in the world and still be able to do this kind of participation! I was able to chat with many people and received lots of CVs before and after Saturday. I found several potential candidates that I will for sure make further inquiries with.”
There were 2 700 job opportunities for school leavers and university graduates, as well as older people looking for a change of career. Jobseekers are willing to find work in another EU country to fulfil their potential, and employers are attracted to the often motivated, well educated and multilingual candidates that participate in these events. European Job Days are held frequently throughout the year in Europe. Keep an eye on the European Job Days website to see when and how you can get involved, either onsite or online. 
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