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EURES partnership improves agency’s recruitment efforts

As one of the United Kingdom’s leading healthcare recruitment agencies, HCL Nursing has high standards when it comes to the nurses it recruits. Perhaps this is why the agency’s work with EURES has been so successful. EURES has helped HCL Nursing recruit and place 150 qualified nurses all over the UK so far this year.
“We believe that both HCL Nursing and EURES would mutually benefit working together, with HCL Nursing providing opportunities in the UK for nurses and EURES able to provide nurses with great opportunities,” says Helen Rudanec, Managing Director at HCL Nursing.
“We’ve worked with EURES for a number of years in various forms and firmly believe EURES has the resources and professional contacts to assist in our vision, which is to be the leading supplier of nurses across the UK.”
EURES has helped HCL Nursing find qualified nurses and prepare them for their jobs. “We have thousands of nursing roles and, by working with EURES, we aim to help fill these roles with quality nurses that have been identified by EURES against our set criteria,” Helen explains. “EURES also provides potential nurses with the appropriate guidance and advice, so applicants would be fully prepared.”
One of the greatest achievements the agency has made through its partnership with EURES is the creation of a bank of nurses for a leading National Health Service (NHS) Trust. ”HCL Nursing attended EURES job fairs and selected relevant candidates for this project,” Helen explains. “About 99 % of the nurses have been approved for work with the Trust on an ongoing business.”
According to Helen, HCL Nursing has recruited approximately 150 nurses in 2012 through its work with EURES. “Approximately 50 % of these are or have worked in the UK or are pending placement as agency workers. The rest are currently in our assessment process,” Helen says.
Helen explains why working with EURES is beneficial to businesses. “EURES Advisers provide support and guidance when searching for a work force from the EU,” explains Helen. “EURES Advisers advertise our positions and search and select quality candidates for us to assess.”
“Working together with EURES is an innovative idea which has already proven to be successful,” Helen concludes. “We hope to expand our working relationship.”
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