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EURES career day helps graduates enter labour market

Four German companies successfully recruited engineers and graduates at two recent job days in Italy.
The first Job Day took place in May 2012 in Mestre, Venice. EURES Italy and EURES Germany collaborated to bring together four German companies with a total of 336 open positions.
“We provided the four companies with 67 candidates for interviews and the companies were very satisfied about that,” says Giorgio Santarello, EURES Adviser in Padova, Italy. “The companies have told us that all the candidates were excellent.”
Università Aperta’s Career Day was held at the Engineering Department of the University of Padua on 24 May 2012. Eight EURES Advisers from Italy, Germany, Austria, France, the United Kingdom and Slovenia organised and attended the event. Companies from the Padua region and three German companies also attended to recruit engineering students and graduates.
The university job fair enjoyed a very good turnout. “There was the presence of about 5 000 participants and on average there were about 150 to 200 graduates that came to each stand,” explains Giorgio.
The Università Aperta Career Day was also a success. “We got many positions for engineers and for other jobs,” says Giorgio. “Also my colleagues found many candidates that were suitable for their job offers.”
“Realising that they can find good positions and a better wage abroad, many graduates have studied foreign languages, especially English and German,” Giorgio adds. “The graduates attending the Job Days were very suitable according to the requested foreign language skills, and that’s why they have been so much appreciated by my EURES colleagues and by the companies.”
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