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Swedish jobseekers take advantage of hotel opening in Norway

The opening of a new hotel in Trondheim, Norway has created a number of job opportunities for Swedes ready to make the most of European mobility. EURES helped many of them to realise their ambitions.
Many Swedes are looking to mobility to provide a means of overcoming the negative effects of the economic crisis. “Today, there are approximately 80 000 Swedes working in Norway,” says Leif Clase, EURES Adviser in Sweden. “There are a lot of jobs in Norway for both qualified and unqualified workers, as well as good pay, few language problems, and the conditions are similar to those in Sweden,” he continues.
When the Clarion Hotels group began construction of an impressive new 400-room hotel in Trondheim, it was clear that the project would create a great deal of jobs. Faced with a mammoth recruitment challenge, the Clarion Hotel & Congress Trondheim worked closely with EURES in Sweden and EURES in Norway to fill a number of the upcoming vacancies. “The Clarion Hotel wanted all kinds of staff – finance professionals, waiters/waitresses, chefs, porters, and cleaners were all in demand,” says Leif.
Together with the employer, the EURES network advertised the relevant vacancies and organised transportation for jobseekers to a targeted recruitment event in Trondheim. At this event the jobseekers presented their CVs to a panel of recruiters, highlighting the particular talents and skills that they had to offer. “At this first stage no CVs were discounted and everyone had a chance to sell themselves,” Leif points out. Those who impressed the panel at this stage were then asked to attend an interview some weeks later.
As a direct result of this process, four jobseekers were employed by the Clarion Hotel and have been hard at work since the hotel’s official opening on 27 April. “The employer was really satisfied with EURES services and we expect to continue the cooperation,” says Leif. Thanks to the expert support and advice from EURES Advisers, the trend towards mobility in the region is set to continue.
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