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Casting a wide recruitment net to find the best staff

French multinational corporation Sodexo is one of the largest services and facilities management companies in the world, employing almost 400 000 people in 80 countries. Its Luxembourg branch recruits extensively from neighbouring countries. Most of its external recruits are found via the services of EURES in Luxembourg, Belgium and France.
Sodexo Luxembourg employs some 1 400 people on 60 sites around the country. “In 2011, we recruited over 300 people, of whom 90 % came via EURES,” says Alexandre Villiere, Recruitment Manager at Sodexo Luxembourg.
The company has worked closely for many years with EURES. “To meet our ever-evolving recruitment needs and find the best talent, we’ve strengthened our partnership over the past two years with the EURES cross-border partnerships,” says Alexandre.
Qualified staff recruits include receptionists, chefs, or carers in one of the four nursing homes managed by the company. Recruits also include non-qualified staff, working for example in kitchens as food preparers or dishwashers.
Recruiting in three nearby countries
The company organises monthly recruitment sessions in Luxembourg, Belgium and France in partnership with EURES.
In France, the company regularly organises recruitment sessions with EURES. Held up to three times annually, these include ‘simulation recruitment’, with candidates completing exercises linked to their areas of job expertise.
Asked why Sodexo consistently recruits abroad, Alexandre answers: “Our company’s prosperity also depends largely on the qualities and skills of our employees. That’s why we aim to attract and retain the most talented people, whichever country they may come from.”
Founded in 1966, the company has expanded hugely over the past four decades and today offers comprehensive, integrated solutions covering a wide array of services from construction to the food services, and from cleaning to prisoner rehabilitation.
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