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EURES brings medical talent to Germany

Due to a high demand and a shortage of qualified staff in Germany, some German hospitals are using the EURES network to find doctors, nurses and care staff in other European countries. In cooperation with EURES, recruitment fairs specifically tailored for the medical profession have been held recently in Greece, Portugal, and Spain.
In order help recruit the right people, EURES organises two types of events for its hospital partners: one is arranged in advance where candidates are pre-selected for interview; the other is a more traditional open day where any potential candidates can turn up to talk to hospital representatives.
“It depends on what the employers want, but we are happy to provide both options,” explains EURES Adviser Marcus Pfund, who is based in Germany and helps organise the recruitment drives. EURES colleagues in the host countries help a lot by publicising the events in the local media.
Real results
During a recent open event in Greece, more than 300 people turned out to talk to representatives from six German hospitals. And earlier in the year a pre-selection event held in Portugal found 20 care-workers and nurses for German employers.
“The hospitals are very happy with the service – for them recruiting just one doctor at these events is a good result because it is so difficult to find such highly-skilled staff,” adds Marcus.
One psychiatric clinic has managed to recruit a specialist doctor on each of the three occasions they have been to Greece.
“The hospital is very pleased and now it brings these members of staff back to new events to talk to other potential recruits, which helps the process,” says Marcus. “Feedback from those who get jobs is positive as well – one doctor even said we had saved his life by helping him to get a new position!”
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