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EURES helps car rental company recruit staff

When the car rental company Hertz needed to recruit Spanish-speaking employees for their customer service team in Ireland, they asked EURES to help out. Over the years the company has enjoyed long-term cooperation with EURES which has led to a total of 87 people being employed.
The EURES office in Valladolid has spearheaded the recruitment drive by promoting the call centre vacancies across Spain. The jobs were advertised on the national employment and EURES websites, through job centres and via professional associations.
The work opportunities have certainly proved popular with Spanish jobseekers. On average, the EURES office receives 300 CVs every year. Hiring figures vary depending on the company’s needs and economic circumstances. For example, 30 people were hired in 2007, but only nine people were selected in 2011.
“The jobs have a broad skills profile, which is one reason why so many people have applied from across the country – we’ve even had applicants from as far away as the Canary Islands,” explains EURES Adviser Rafael Pérez Garcia, who points out that Spain’s high unemployment rate has certainly added to the interest received.
Trusted support
In the package of services to Hertz, EURES also provides rooms at its Valladolid training centre, where the company’s human resources staff can carry out their interviews and hold presentations. The company looks for people with a working knowledge of English, who are good at dealing with customers, and who can cope with commercial transactions.
An important task for EURES is to provide the right candidate for the job. During a couple of recruitment campaigns, Rafael and his colleagues were asked to help pre-select candidates by making an initial assessment of the CVs that came into the Valladolid office. “We acted as a filter for the company so it could make interview selections more efficiently,” explains Rafael.
Depending on the economy, there is a good chance that this fruitful collaboration will continue this year and in the future.
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