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Spanish-German cooperation helps 565 jobseekers find work

As Spain’s unemployment rate continues to rise, new ideas for boosting recruitment nationwide are being tested. One of the most successful is bilateral employment cooperation with other EU Member States and in the case of Spain and Germany, 565 Spanish jobseekers have found employment with German companies over the past 12 months.
Almost a quarter of Spaniards and more than half of Spain’s young people (aged 15 to 24) are without work. EURES Adviser in Spain Marisa Carmona Urda, explains that the unemployment rate in her region, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, “is around 33 %, which is very high.”
However, she has some positive news to report regarding a European partnership which began in March 2011. “Since the start of bilateral cooperation between EURES in Spain and Germany, we have placed 565 Spaniards in jobs based in Germany," explains Marisa.
One of the larger cases of recruitment which occurred within the framework of this cooperation was for online retailer Amazon, which recruited 430 jobseekers primarily for packing jobs. Other successful cases of recruitment include 60 engineers who recently found jobs in Germany, as well as jobseekers from the nursing sector and in the hotel and catering sectors who were placed,” says Marisa. 
Fostering further cooperation
Under the umbrella of this new cooperation, there are four specialist recruitment teams at work in Germany and Spain, focusing on technical, health, hotel and catering, and seasonal work. They organise recruitment events in Spain for German companies and advertise jobs based in Germany.
The cooperation faced several challenges at the outset. German employers initially expected to find the “ideal candidate” with extensive work experience and excellent German skills, but these initial high demands were relaxed to include jobseekers without previous work experience and/or perfect language skills. Spanish jobseekers also required support from Spanish and German EURES Advisers to adapt their CVs in order to conform to the German method of presenting this document.
The success of this cooperation has led to similar agreements emerging between Spain and the Nordic countries, as well as Belgium and the Netherlands and Marisa concludes by pointing out that, “There are also plans to expand the cooperation to include the recruitment of Spanish truck drivers badly affected by the downturn in the construction sector.”
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