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Cross-border job fair attracts thousands

Local roads were jammed with jobseekers as more than 6 000 people visited a job fair in Saarbrücken in south-west Germany on 10 May. About 100 employers from Germany, Luxemburg and France were present to welcome jobseekers to the event. EURES helped organise proceedings and advisers were on hand to provide information about living and working conditions in this cross-border region.
This is the third year that the fair has been held, and it continues to grow in popularity.
“We had 50 employers at the first one in 2010 and those same 50 came back this year, which shows how useful the event is for recruitment,” explains local EURES Adviser, Achim Dürschmid. 
“This time around visiting enterprises were looking to fill about 2 000 posts, which indicates that the fair works for jobseekers as well.”
Last year’s fair directly resulted in the awarding of about 750 job contracts. Achim and the EURES team hoped to improve on that figure this time around.
Advice and support
Employers exhibiting at the fair hailed from a variety of sectors, including engineering, insurance, banking, public services, and health and leisure. The automotive sector was also well represented, with the region a hub for the car-making industry.
The relative health of the local economy is seen as one reason why the fair was so popular, particularly with French visitors who turned up in large numbers.
“About 20 000 French people already come to Saarbrücken for work every day, so it’s no surprise that we had so many coming over to see us at the job fair,” says Achim, who points out that the French border is only about 1 km away.
As well as the unemployed, the fair attracted plenty of young people. They wanted information about the state of the job market, and to gauge what kind of work would be available after they finish their studies.
EURES Advisers also helped to conduct roundtable sessions on a range of subjects, including how to succeed in interviews and how to produce an eye-catching CV.
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