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EURES helps Dutch Job Agency to recruit 50 workers in Hungary

Fifty jobseekers from Hungary are ready to experience working life abroad thanks to a recruitment roadshow organised by EURES in Hungary and the Netherlands in conjunction with a Dutch job agency.
The roadshows visited five of Hungary’s biggest cities* this spring to promote seasonal work in the Netherlands. More than 700 people attended the events, a response which was beyond expectation.
“We were surprised by the turnout, but a lot of people in Hungary are keen to experience working life abroad,” explains EURES Adviser Géza Surányi.
New experiences
The roadshows were advertised in advance in local newspapers and employment offices. At the events, staffs were on-hand to explain what support EURES provides those who were interested in working abroad, such as placements, job prospects and information on working and living conditions in Europe. 
The Dutch company, AB Job Service International Recruitment, gave presentations about the work on offer. The recruiter was looking for people to commit initially to a 10 to 12 week placement to pick weeds at farms across the Netherlands. Anyone interested in the work was asked to provide their details and fill out an application form, which was also made available on-line.
“The company is very experienced at recruiting from abroad having had success in Poland, Lithuania and the Czech Republic, but this is the first time they have come to Hungary,” adds Géza. “They were keen to meet new people and were delighted with the response they got".
Employees can be offered another type of seasonal job if the employer is happy with their work.
“The roadshows were a great success for EURES as well, helping to raise our profile locally. We are already looking into repeating the formula next year,” says Géza.
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*Miskolc, Debrecen, Eger, Szeged and Budapest

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