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Norway: Favourite destination for mobile Swedish workers

As neighbouring countries where language is not the biggest hurdle, there is considerable labour market mobility between Sweden and Norway. In fact around 80 000 Swedes work officially in Norway and are registered with the Norwegian tax authority. For EURES in Sweden, Norway is the number one destination for mobile jobseekers.
“Even though the countries are very similar, there are a few things that one needs to think about before applying for a job in Norway. You do need to have a competitive CV and be ready to present yourself in person to employers – e-mailing might not be successful. One important thing to remember is that the Norwegian labour market offers mostly agency work, depending on the agency’s needs. Also don’t forget to bring a birth certificate and register at the Norwegian tax authority,” explains Mikael Lindbom, EURES Coordinator in Sweden, who has been helping Swedes moving to Norway for almost 20 years.
With unemployment standing at 3.2 % in February 2012*, Norway has the lowest unemployment rate in Europe. Sweden’s 7.2 % rate for the same month may hold up well in a European comparison but the trend remains clear: there are many more Swedes going to Norway for work than Norwegians going to Sweden.
At the moment Norway seems to be in need of workers in all sectors but in particular warehouse workers, salespersons, service personnel for hotels and restaurants, as well as highly-skilled workers such as engineers and doctors. Salaries are higher in Norway, but so are the living costs – a rough estimation, according to Mikael Lindbom, is that salaries in Norway are 30 % higher while living costs are 20 % higher than in Sweden.
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* Latest available unemployment statistics from Eurostat, February 2012

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