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EURES boosts mobility awareness among jobseekers

EURES in Slovenia together with EURES in Austria organised two Job Days events in April 2012, aimed at raising awareness among Slovenian jobseekers of the opportunities that exist just over the border in the German-speaking sphere.
Slovenia joined the EU in 2007 and since 1 May 2011 Slovenian citizens have enjoyed unlimited freedom to live and work in all EU Member States. Despite that freedom, some Slovenian citizens especially are still not aware that they can now take full advantage of mobility and these two events – one in Ljubljana, Slovenia on 3 April and the other in Kranj, Slovenia on 5 April – sought to build awareness in this area.
The Ljubljana event was organised in cooperation with the Career Centre of the University of Ljubljana and was targeted in particular at students and recent graduates. The Kranj event was held at the Kranj regional office of the Slovenian Public Employment Service and addressed mostly unemployed young people with a desire to work abroad.
“Both events were informational events, with seminars, workshops, and presentations aimed at raising awareness among Slovenian citizens in particular,” explains Nada Senada Plestenjak, EURES Adviser in Slovenia, “113 people attended the event in Ljubljana and 54 came to Kranj,” she continues.  Representatives from Solvit, Europass, Cmepius*, as well as EURES Advisers based in Slovenia and Austria presented their work and the services they provide.
Having successfully contributed to raising awareness of mobility and of the possibilities offered by the EURES network, EURES in Slovenia and EURES in Austria now plan to hold a cross-border job fair in Maribor, Slovenia on 30 May with more than 30 employers and 3000 jobseekers set to be in attendance. The fair will include EURES Advisers, recruitment agencies, and firms from many sectors including healthcare, construction, production, sales, and electronics.
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*Centre of the Republic of Slovenia for Mobility and European Educational and Training Programmes

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