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EURES supplies Irish customer support centres with new recruits

The EURES network has been working closely with Irish customer support centres to successfully recruit specialist, multilingual staff from other European countries.
The EURES network and a significant number of employers operating customer support centres in Ireland have developed a strong, innovative, and cooperative model of collaboration for the 21st century. Aware that demand for multilingual customer support centre workers in Ireland could not be satisfied by the domestic labour market alone, the EURES network and Irish employers worked together to set up the “Customer Service Ireland” website.
The website is the result of more than a year’s fruitful cooperation with private sector firms and represents the next logical step in providing not only jobseekers but also companies with a platform that can simplify and streamline recruitment. In line with the recruitment needs of Irish employers, “Customer Service Ireland” currently targets candidates from (or with knowledge of) the Scandinavian region in particular. “The Scandinavian market is becoming more and more important for many of the operators of the customer service centres in Ireland, so we decided to provide a unified, online platform to bring together jobseekers and employers,” explains Rob Floris, EURES Adviser in Sweden.
The “Customer Service Ireland” site provides up-to-date links to the websites of those employers working directly with the network and that EURES knows to be advertising vacancies in customer support centres located in Ireland. A jobseeker can then approach EURES with a concrete idea of the firm(s) which interest them, secure in the knowledge that advisers have a strong, pre-existing relationship with the company in question.
However, the advantages of the website do not end here. Hugh Rodgers, EURES Adviser in Ireland says that the website came about as a result of the existing close cooperation with companies employing up to 20 different nationalities in their Irish operations. “The intention is to promote this cluster of companies at EURES events and, with the help of EURES Advisers, to let jobseekers know which companies are actively recruiting at any given time,” explains Hugh. “We try to encourage inter-company cooperation in recruitment as opposed to firms all competing for the same, limited pool of labour. Often this might entail a jobseeker not having the required skill set for one particular company but being advised by EURES of another participating company that would be a suitable match,” adds Hugh.
At the outset around 10 companies were affiliated with the site and now that number has risen to 19, including many renowned multinationals such as Apple,, Blizzard Entertainment, and Siemens.
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