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Romanian agricultural worker in high demand

A seasonal, agricultural worker from Romania found a job abroad with EURES back in 2008 and has been able to count on the organisation to assist her in finding work ever since.
With the enlargement of the EU in 2007, Romania became a member of EURES and in 2008 the country hosted its first job fair with the participation of Workindenmark. Before the event, seasonal agricultural worker Mihaela Diburica had approached EURES Adviser, Liviu Cochirlea, for help and advice on living and working abroad.
“Mihaela came to the job fair we organised, was interviewed, and got a job right there on the spot!” explains Liviu. Mihaela’s new employer was the Green Peas farm in Denmark as a fruit/vegetable picker.“ She worked hard, liked the job and was lucky enough to have her contract renewed in 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012. This means she’ll be working in May and June of this year, as well as in September.”
The nature of seasonal work, however, means that employment is rarely constant and it is with this issue in mind that Mihaela repeatedly turned to EURES to keep abreast of the European job opportunities open to her.
When EURES Finland came to Romania for the first time in order to advertise job vacancies, among others, in the field of agriculture, Liviu and Mihaela were quick to react. “Again Mihaela was interviewed, in English, at the job fair we held with EURES Finland and a short time later she was offered a job for the period July-August,” says Liviu.
“EURES can really help people,” notes the EURES Adviser, “In 2011 my district helped 1 242 people who were looking for a job in Europe. We provided 472 of these people with consultations and advice and sent them to job fairs and other events. Not all of these people remain in touch with us to tell us about the results, but we know that at least 84 of this number subsequently got contracts, thanks in part at least, to the help of EURES,” he concludes.
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