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EURES offers a range of services to those interested in taking advantage of European mobility. Perhaps among the most useful of these is the “Living and Working” section on the EURES Job Mobility Portal.
Maybe you are thinking about living and working in another European country, or perhaps you already have a firm job offer and are ready to make the move. Whatever position you may be in, the EURES portal’s “Living and Working” section represents a treasure trove of indispensible information and resources.
The section provides a thorough and highly-relevant overview of the “need to know” facts when moving to another European country. Each national chapter is updated twice a year in order to ensure the utmost accuracy and relevance of this resource for jobseekers. “If a jobseeker wants even more detailed information or if they have questions, they can always follow the links provided to other resources, or else contact a EURES Adviser directly,” says Emmanuelle Mathieu, EURES Coordinator in Luxembourg.
The information available to visitors to this section of the EURES portal includes: labour market information, such as statistics on jobs that are most in demand; information on living and working, such as social security, pension, and tax requirements; and an overview on the EU regulations governing the free movement of workers.
For those interested in European mobility, these topics are undoubtedly of great interest and each is supplemented by a number of more detailed sub-topics. “It’s great that jobseekers can come and easily find all of this quite diverse information in one place,” Emmanuelle points out.
The information presented in the “Living and Working” section is compiled by European mobility experts within the EURES network and reflects the most current developments on the ground. “We keep everything up-to-date and try to maintain a strong focus on practical advice and practical information. This approach should ensure that the EURES portal remains very accessible and useful,” concludes Emmanuelle.
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