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Young students draw on experience of EURES network

EURES, together with Ghent University, Belgium, recently held an informative event for young students and graduates. Those attending were able to listen to presentations and consult with EURES Advisers.
On 29 February, Belgium’s Ghent University played host to an event organised in tandem with EURES. Already in its second year, the “Working in Europe” event was targeted specifically at providing information on living and working in Europe to young university students and graduates.
EURES Advisers from five countries were on hand to give presentations on working and living in their respective countries, and to provide consultations throughout the day. Boasting a convivial atmosphere and open-plan set-up, around 170 students attended a presentation or came for a one-to-one consultation.
“Lots of students came last year and we were very pleased with the turnout again this year,” notes Karel De Middeleir, Study and Career Adviser at Ghent University. “Whilst some came out of general curiosity, the majority of students was very focused and knew exactly which country interested them and which topics they wanted to discuss with EURES Advisers,” he continues. 
With 11 faculties and 140 different departments, the University boasts a diverse profile and equally diverse and mobility-oriented students. There were, for example, many young medical professionals in attendance with not only highly-valued skills in the medical field but also knowledge of a range of European languages.
Rob Floris, EURES Adviser in Sweden was one of the five advisers present at this year’s event. He believes that the skills and languages on offer made it easier to help the students and graduates come to work in Sweden. “We were very pleasantly surprised to encounter so many highly-qualified and multilingual young students and graduates. They have the professional skills we need and they have the language skills necessary to integrate well,” says Rob.
Easy, direct access to knowledgeable EURES Advisers, combined with interesting and entertaining presentations ensured the success of the event, and EURES and Ghent University plan to repeat their success once again next year.
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