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Volvo steps up collaboration with EURES

Sweden-based car manufacturer, Volvo* stepped up its collaboration with EURES in 2011 in a bid to meet the demand for an extra 900 experienced engineers.
In Autumn 2011, Volvo announced that it would be doubling production to meet the increasing demand from China. In order to keep pace with this expansion it requires an extra 900 experienced engineers. These positions are mainly for people with several years experience, particularly in research and development. Volvo also has 50 positions up for grabs on its three-year graduate programme for newly qualified graduates.
EURES has been providing general advice on relocation and work permits to employees of the company for over seven years, but towards the end of 2011 advisers were called upon to assist with the recruitment process.
“There are not enough engineers in Sweden to fulfil the demand,” explains EURES Adviser Lena Westling. “That, and the company is looking for a diverse workforce for which they need to recruit across a range of countries.”
Through a series of events organised by EURES at the end of 2011 in Denmark, Spain, Ireland, Poland and the Czech Republic, EURES has been helping the company source appropriate candidates for all positions. At one event in Valencia, Spain, Volvo’s HR staff met Spanish engineers who had applied for vacancies at the company and who had been pre-selected.  Some 20 applicants were interviewed on the spot by Volvo managers. Representatives from the company also met teaching staff from the University of Valencia to discover how engineering is taught there. Over 70 students were invited to attend a meeting, where Volvo unveiled its new graduate programme. The recruitments are still ongoing but several candidates from these events have passed the pre-selection phase.  
“Thanks to our network, we can easily help companies such as Volvo to reach out to other countries in Europe and recruit the best candidates for the job. The service is completely free and as we’re not "selling" anything we can be more objective in serving the needs of employers and jobseekers,” concludes Lena.
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*Volvo Car Corporation is located in Gothenburg, Sweden, but has been a Chinese-owned company since 2010.

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