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No barriers to finding your next job

Saint-Julien-en-Genevois in the Ain/Haute-Savoie départéments of France played host to its first European Job Day end of last year. Over 2 000 jobseekers mainly from France and Switzerland turned up to the event, in search of job opportunities.
 With its close proximity to Geneva, Switzerland, the town was the ideal location to hold a Job Day. Over 45 % of the inhabitants of Saint-Julien-en-Genevois travel the kilometre across the border to work every day.The Ain/Haute-Savoie départements in general has around 100 000 cross-border workers and boasts 90 different nationalities among its inhabitants.
Something for everyone
Retraining and career changes were important themes at this first Job Day in the region. Unemployment there currently stands at 10 %, with those most affected being over the age of 45. It stands to reason then that the Job Day made special provision for this age group by providing information on retraining to meet the demand for new skills in the region. 
Other initiatives were geared towards boosting youth employment. “We had an e-Forum in which 22 young people aged between 20 and 35 took part in video interviews with six organisations that were recruiting hotel and catering staff. Two candidates were selected on the spot,” enthuses André.
In total over 80 companies were present, offering a combined total of 300 job vacancies. Companies received between 50 and 200 CVs on the day for jobs covering sectors such as tourism, commerce, agriculture, and IT.
“We estimate that there were about 250 job placements thanks to this one Job Day,” says André. “Employers were delighted with the calibre and number of candidates. Next year’s Job Day will be even bigger,” André concludes.
What’s in a name?
Pas de frontière pour votre emploi de demain” (literally: no barriers to your job of tomorrow) was the title of this first Job Day. The choice of title was no coincidence. “The name was chosen for three reasons. The event unites two administrative départements, namely Haute Savoie and the Pays de Gex in Ain. The title recognises that people can, and do, work between France and Switzerland. It also recognises the fact that there are no barriers to changing careers and jobs during a person’s working life,” explains André Bonier, EURES Adviser and organiser of the Job Day.
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