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Internship in Italy helps jobseeker develop his skills

Thanks to EURES, young Swedish jobseeker, Robin Ahumada, had his first experience of working life at a four star hotel in Volterra, Italy. As one of the few selected for this internship opportunity, he hopes this will boost his future career chances.
”I learnt a lot about communication, independence, and taking personal responsibility. But the most important thing was that I became more socially savvy, largely due to the friendly Italian culture,” says Robin.
The internship was managed by EURES in Sweden, and funded by the Leonardo da Vinci Programme, a European Commission programme that funds projects all over Europe by offering European citizens work-related training*.
“We want to showcase the opportunities on the European labour market and at the same time boost jobseekers’ CVs and confidence levels. The fact that the internship is in another part of Europe means that the interns have to adapt to a new culture and learn a new language. In the end this becomes much more than a professional experience, this is a life experience,” asserts Pia Nilsson, Project Manager and EURES Adviser in Sweden.   
To qualify for this traineeship programme one has to be a registered jobseeker in the public employment service and posses the relevant language skills. 
Thanks to help from EURES in Italy and EURES in the UK – both of which provided contacts to local employers for the internships – Sweden hopes to have placed 38 jobseekers in internships before end of May 2012. “This would never have been possible without the EURES network, which has been very supportive of our aim to offer these internships,” explains Pia.
So how did it go for Robin? Being a hardworking intern, he was offered a job contract at the hotel where he did his internship. However, he decided to opt for another job offer within the security sector in Sweden, since his goal is eventually to become a police officer. “This was a great experience in dealing with people, which I hope to use in my future career,” concludes Robin.
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*In Sweden the funds from the Loenado da Vinci programme is distributed via the International Programme Office for Education and Training, which is a government agency that promotes exchanges and cooperation across national borders.

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