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One worker’s mobility led to long career

When Elisabetta Marigliano from Naples, Italy was accepted to study for a Masters at the Paris-Sorbonne University in France she knew she would have to find a job to supplement her income. That is when she turned to EURES in Italy for help. Thirteen years on she is still working for the same organisation: Disneyland Paris.
“My advice to anyone thinking about working abroad is to try out internships in the country they are considering first to see if living and working abroad is really for them. And of course, set up an appointment with a local EURES Adviser and ask them as many questions as they can,” she advises.
Contacting EURES
When Elisabetta contacted EURES Italy all those years ago little did she know that the help she was to receive in finding a job in France would lead to a long and flourishing career in another country.
“A friend told me about EURES, explaining that it was a centre that could help me find contacts and jobs. So I made an appointment. Guglielmina De Simone, EURES Adviser in Naples helped me considerably. She presented Disneyland Paris, showed me the various vacancies, briefed me on what would be expected of me during an interview and even instilled in me the confidence that I could do it. She was there at every step of the recruitment process,” says Elisabetta. 
Getting started
After attending an interview in Bologna, northern Italy back in 1999, Elisabetta was offered a contract at Disneyland Paris. “I started on a temporary eight-month contract working in the shop. Then I was offered a permanent contract for 28 hours a week, which enabled me to combine both work and studies. When I had finished my Masters I applied, and was accepted, to work in the press office. It’s thanks to Guglielmina and EURES that I am here working for Disney today,” states Elisabetta, who is now Corporate Communications Specialist for Disneyland Paris. 
Asked if she would have been able to find such a job without the help of EURES Elisabetta replies with a definitive “No”, adding that it was the practical advice and the personal help that really made her go for the job. Without such encouragement she may not have applied.
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