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Swedish designer finds internship in Italy, thanks to EURES

Swedish designer Ebba Eriksson could not believe her luck when she landed a five-month internship in northern Italy – the heart of Europe’s design scene. And it was all thanks to assistance and advice provided by EURES.
Where better for a fledgling designer to develop their skills than in Italy? So when Ebba Eriksson was presented with the opportunity to work in a design studio in Senigallia, northern Italy, she jumped at the chance.
“The Italian design scene is one of the most interesting in the world and has a fantastic historical tradition, which I had been curious to learn more about for a long time. This, together with the chance to get a closer look at the Italian culture, made it easy to choose Italy for my internship,” says Ebba.
The internship was made possible through the help and expert advice of EURES Italy. “I contacted Ms Graziella Massi, who provided a lot of practical help with arrangements before I arrived in Italy. […] During my time in Senigallia I always felt I could ask for help and support when needed. Ms Massi even encouraged me to start an Italian language course, which turned out to be a great place to meet people from all over the world and make new friends outside of work,” Ebba explains.
As to the experience as a whole: “It has turned out to be a fantastic opportunity to work and live in a foreign country. Professionally, the internship has proved to be very successful because shortly afterwards I got a permanent job as a product designer in Denmark.”
“Personally it has also been a very valuable experience. I learnt how to manage daily life in another country, which is so different from my home country – and all this in a new language,” she asserts with enthusiasm.
For those considering whether or not to go abroad, Ebba has the following advice: “I highly recommend anyone […] to grab the chance to have a truly valuable experience and get memories to treasure for a lifetime!”
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