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European Job Days 2011

Following on from a successful calendar of European Job Days in 2010, the 2011 Job Days were held all over Europe. The events, organised by EURES, aim to bring together jobseekers and employers in a productive setting.
European Job Days are typically attended by a host of employers, jobseekers and recruitment professionals, and numerous private and public organisations active in the field of labour mobility. Jobseekers can talk directly with employers (sometimes even attending interviews) as well as benefit from the wealth of expertise and information on offer.
The European Job Days - Brussels, Belgium, on 1 October attracted more than 10 000 candidates from 38 different countries and boasted innovative dedicated areas such as the “EURES Village” where EURES Advisers from more than 20 countries were on hand to chat with and assist visitors. The European Job Day also featured an area entitled “Create your own job”, which assembled resources and actors in the field of young entrepreneurship to help and encourage young European citizens to start their own firms.
This year’s European Job Day in Tallinn, Estonia on 14 October saw ten different employers from sectors as diverse as leisure and tourism, construction, information technology, and the medical sphere come together in search of enthusiastic and talented jobseekers. Disneyland Paris was just one of the high-profile employers in attendance, not to mention Kuopio University Hospital in Finland and L’Osteria from Germany. The Swedish company, Curly Trading AB, and Kuopio University Hospital were two particularly pleased employers who have already engaged candidates interviewed at the event. As well as presentations by EURES Advisers on living and working in their particular countries, there were officials representing tax offices and social service systems in various Member States available to provide practical advice.
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