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Enterprising Greek couple find new beginning in Norway

A young Greek couple have taken their first step on the road to living and working permanently in Norway with the help of EURES Advisers in Sør-Trøndelag, Norway.
Dimitrios Kiskyropoulos and Konstantina Karatzoudi had been considering living and working in another European country, but it was not until their encounter with Vegard Kaarbø, EURES Adviser in Sør-Trøndelag, Norway that they began to turn their dreams into a reality. Dimitrios and Konstantina met Vegard by chance at the EU Job Days event in Athens, Greece in autumn 2010. They were intrigued enough by the EURES Adviser’s comments and advice to spend the next few months researching and preparing their plan to relocate.
“Vegard was very friendly and approachable. He discussed all of the details with us and told us honestly what options we had. The EURES Advisers provided us with key support for us to conduct our independent job search,” comments Dimitrios. By the time they met Vegard again at another Job Days event in Thessaloniki in February 2011, they were ready to begin their Norwegian adventure.
Both Dimitrios and Konstantina were thoroughly prepared by the EURES team in Trøndelag and, following Vegard’s advice, Dimitrios completed his truck driver’s licence before departing – a step that enabled him to immediately find a truck driving job in Norway. The couple both stuck to a plan, developed in conjunction with EURES Advisers, to get valuable work experience and references in Norway whilst improving their Norwegian language skills, before looking to move into other spheres of work.
Having excelled at their first places of work, the couple subsequently found new jobs through a recruitment agency and are now working in meat production. Their job prospects are improving day by day and Konstantina is preparing to complete further education courses at a Norwegian university. “Their current employers consider them to have great potential. They’re both working and studying hard and it’s only a matter of time before they find new positions in their chosen fields,” enthuses Vegard.
The couple put their success down to hard work, their determination to integrate with the Norwegian community and the invaluable advice and support from EURES.
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