News on the portal EURES aids recruitment for festive period

“Can you send us 100, 200 or even 500 employees?” That was the question the American multinational online store recently asked a EURES Adviser in Sweden. needed to recruit workers for their European central warehouse in Bad-Hersfeld, Germany, to cope with the inevitable end year rush towards the festive period.    
Being a EURES Adviser in Norrköping, Sweden, a city with 87 000 inhabitants, Mona-Lisa Johannesson thought that aiming to recruit 100 employees seemed challenging enough.
“We put up brochures in the public employment service offices and had the vacancies posted online on the EURES portal. But I soon realised that this wouldn’t be enough; I needed to get my message out en masse, so I contacted the local news television channel. They wanted us to pay for an advertisement but I argued that recruiting 100 jobseekers at a time should be newsworthy enough,” explains Mona-Lisa.
And it was. One week before the recruitment event took place on 13 October 2011, news of the recruitment had been broadcast on television. The opportunity on offer was to work for in Germany during November and December 2011. “I made it clear to that I would be unable to send young Swedish people to Germany for two months without also offering accommodation and transport, especially since the salaries offered were low in comparison to Swedish salaries,” Mona-Lisa tells us. agreed to this suggestion and hired a company to organise housing, travel arrangements and food at a reasonable price.
At the recruiting event, EURES Germany, EURES Sweden and together interviewed 183 candidates. The most important requirement was that the jobseeker needed to speak either German or English. Many jobseekers had questions about taxation or working and living conditions in Germany, and EURES was on hand to provide the answers. As for “the company was amazed by the quality of the jobseekers and decided to employ 75 persons from this recruitment event, they will be leaving to Germany in November 2011,” concludes Mona-Lisa.
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