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Great interest in EURES services among Greek jobseekers

Around 6 000 jobseekers visited the Employment Forum in Thessaloniki, Greece, in October 2011. EURES Advisers from the Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Norway, Sweden and the United Kingdom, together with the Greek public employment services (PES), were on hand to provide advice. Over 30 employers conducted interviews and collected CVs from potential candidates.   
 “I’m a nursery nurse and I’ve wanted to move to the UK for a long time. When scanning the EURES portal I found 15 vacancies in the UK. I sent my CV to all of them and two of them replied positively! So I’m here to get information about living and working conditions in the UK,” says Afrodite Tsangada, a jobseeker from Thessaloniki, visiting EURES’ UK stand.
Jobseekers attending the Forum showed particular interest in EURES and the possibility to the services it provides in helping people find a job in another European country. The EURES Advisers present were impressed by the candidates’ qualifications. “I met several jobseekers who were not only highly qualified but had also already started to learn Swedish,” says Dimitrios Skyfacos, Project Manager at EURES in Sweden. 
One such jobseeker was Kostas Simou, from Thessaloniki. He is an IT technician and fluent in Swedish. “I finished my studies a year ago and am unable to find a job in my sector here. I’ve decided to broaden my search and have started to look for jobs in Scandinavia,” Kostas explains. 
And there were some real benefits for Greek jobseekers dropping in to see EURES Advisers while at the Forum. “Interest for finding a work in other parts of Europe has more than doubled, and not only because of the current crisis. During the last 15 years the Greek labour market has only been able to absorb around 30 % of newly qualified graduates. Through EURES these graduates can access the European labour market,” says Elias Kikilias, Head of the PES in Greece.
The Employment Forum is the second of its kind in Greece, with the first held in Athens in May 2011. “The two Forums is the first time in history that the PES has organised a job fair together with EURES. It marks a new era of being more proactive in the services it offers to citizens,” concludes Katerina Flaka, EURES Manager in Greece.
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