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Dutch firm benefits from strong relationship with EURES network

FridayEuroTech, a Dutch professional specialised service company, has enjoyed close and successful cooperation in recruitment with the EURES network over the past five years, after experiencing recruitment shortages on their home labour market. 
FridayEuroTech offers specialised professional services of a technical nature such as scaffolding, insulation, industrial painting, pipe fitting, and welding. However, the company has struggled over the last 10 years to recruit sufficient numbers of technical specialists in the Netherlands.
As a consequence of this difficulty in recruiting appropriate technical staff, the company turned to EURES to supplement and reinforce their existing recruitment strategy. “Working with EURES gives us easy access to a European network of employment professionals and reassures jobseekers that we are a reliable and trustworthy employer,” said Stefan Broens, International Human Resource Manager at FridayEuroTech.
The company works mainly with EURES in the Netherlands, the Czech Republic and Hungary to attract technical specialists looking to work abroad. FridayEuroTech places great emphasis on recruiting talented and multi-lingual workers for long-term employment within the firm, and investing in the training and development of these workers. “Often we find that we encounter jobseekers lacking on-the-job experience but with the necessary language skills to work for us. In this case we offer them training programmes where they shadow one of our professionals,” points out Stefan.
FridayEuroTech is a regular participant in recruitment events organised by, or with the help of EURES such as the Profesia Days event which took place in Prague on 18 and 19 October. In conjunction with EURES advisers, two recruitment specialists from FridayEuroTech identified 30 potential candidates at the event in Prague in the first stage of the recruitment process.
The firm’s HR department is glad that they are able to turn to EURES for high-quality support to supplement their own recruitment process and intends to continue the cooperation, offering more EU citizens with the right qualifications the chance to live and work in the Netherlands for a successful and reliable company.
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