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Young Greek finds promising career in Cyprus

A young Greek jobseeker was successfully helped by EURES Advisers to overcome the effects of the economic crisis, by relocating to Cyprus for work.       
After four months of struggling with unemployment in his native Greece, Christos Stamatidis turned to his local employment agency for assistance. He was put into contact with EURES Advisers who suggested that he take advantage of the EURES Job Mobility Portal and their expert advice in order to find work abroad.
EURES Adviser, Dimitris Giannelis, and other members of the Greek team then provided practical tips and assistance, helping to kick start the search for Christos.
Christos found a job on the EURES portal working as a mechanic in Cyprus within just a few weeks and EURES, in cooperation with his new employer, even solved initial accommodation problems.
 “I had never thought about leaving Greece because I do not speak English. However, EURES Advisers convinced me to look for a job in Cyprus, where I can speak my own language. The process was easy and the professionals at EURES were really helpful,” enthuses Christos.
Cyprus is the number one destination among Greek jobseekers that approach EURES, while technical skills, as well as those related to the tourism industry, are much in demand.
Christos’ story does not end here however. After eight months he was offered a new job in Cyprus with improved conditions and career prospects, which he subsequently accepted. “EURES definitely showed me the way to break the impasse. I believe that new opportunities will continue to appear. I’m planning to stay in Cyprus in the coming years and I’m really thinking of starting my own business here. I now have the knowledge to do it,” he asserts.
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