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EURES is “No.1 sourcing partner” for Disneyland Paris

For nearly two decades, EURES has been helping Disneyland Paris recruit the right candidates from across the EU to fill vacancies at the theme park on the outskirts of the French capital. In 2011, EURES helped to fill 2 500 vacancies according to Jean-Noël Thiollier, Human Resources Director for Talent & Reward at Disneyland Paris.
“As long as Disneyland has been in Paris we have been recruiting in Europe and EURES has been part of this,” says Jean-Noël. “For us, EURES is the first step to recruiting in another EU country.”
The level of help and support tends to vary from country to country, but Disneyland has built successful relations with EURES Advisers throughout Europe. According to Jean-Noël, “EURES Advisers tend to take care of everything prior to us arriving in the country to carry out the interviews.”
Of course, it works both ways. “We provide as much information as possible on the principle that the more the advisers know about Disneyland and the kind of jobs we are looking to fill, the better they can help find the right candidates to fill the jobs,” he adds.
Disneyland Paris has over 14 700 employees, coming from 100 different nationalities and speaking 20 languages. Europe’s popular theme park recruits between 5 000 and 8 000 people per year. Entertainment staff account for only a third of recruited staff. Other positions include hospitality jobs (restaurants, hotels, ticket sales and shop workers, etc.), support functions such as health and safety, security staff (firemen, security guards, etc.), maintenance staff (plumbers, engineers, etc.), through to marketing, human resources and legal staff.
“EURES has always been our No.1 sourcing partner. The advisers have been a tremendous support in helping us recruit the right candidates to the right positions.
In 2011 we recruited a total of 7 000 people, 90 % of whom were seasonal workers and EURES was involved in recruiting 2 500 people that could be tracked,” says Jean-Noël.
EURES Advisers pre-select candidates, checking that they speak a basic level of French, which is a requirement for anyone working at Disneyland; their ability to work in a team; their availability; and their willingness to work in France.
“We are developing our network with EURES year after year and, of course, will continue working together with them in the future,” concludes Jean-Noël. 
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