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Romanian gardeners blossom in Denmark

Thanks to an on-going cooperation between Romanian and Danish EURES Advisers, two Romanian graduates interested in horticulture landed a two-year contract at a Danish plant nursery.       
“Cooperation between the Romanian and Danish EURES Advisers started five years ago. Since then we have received various job vacancies in Denmark, from fruit and vegetable pickers, to medical assistants, electricians and highly qualified jobs such as doctors and engineers,” explains Gabriela Nedelcu, a Romanian EURES Adviser, responsible for relations with Denmark.
Recently, Denmark has been on the lookout for keen gardeners to fill a number of vacancies. In 2010 two graduates of the Agricultural University of Romania, Louise Stefanescu and Ionut Trutescu, were hired by Danish company 4kløver as gardening assistants on a two-year contract.
“In the beginning we packed plants and learnt the various varieties, which took about four to five months. Then step by step we learnt how to prepare young trees for the coming year, preparing the soil, when to move the pots into the greenhouses and for how long, monitoring them for fungus, learning what diseases and pests affect which plants and so on. I even learnt how to drive a tractor,” explains Louise Stefanescu.
“The employers are very friendly and if we have problems or need some advice they are always ready to help. The most interesting part for us is that the owners work side by side with us, even if that means cleaning or preparing the natural fertilizer from organic waste,” adds Louise.
During their time at 4kløver, the graduates attend the local horticultural school – Kold College – where they can also learn the science and art of plant cultivation.
“I am lucky to have had this opportunity and I have learnt a lot from it. The fact that you interact with people from other environments and with another way of thinking has also improved my way of communicating,” concludes Louise.
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