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Two ways to kick-start your European experience

For jobseekers looking for experiences – either studying, training or working – in other European countries, there are lots of schemes out there to help. Two programmes in particular, Eurodyssée and European Mobility, are working towards facilitating European internships, vocational training and apprenticeships.    
Organised by the Assembly of European Regions, Eurodyssée is an exchange programme for young people aged 18-30. The scheme offers the opportunity for applicants to develop not only professionally, but also personally and culturally through a series of three to seven month internship or traineeship placements abroad.
As Diane Carvalho of the Eurodyssée General Secretariat explains, the scheme is a win-win situation for everybody: “It allows young people to not only expand on what they already know, but also to develop personally through new professional and cultural experiences. Their skills and ideas benefit the companies offering traineeships, the receiving regions and also their own regions through their enhanced knowledge and confidence on their return.”
Exchanges are only possible between regions signed up to the programme but, according to Diane, new regions are in the process of joining.
A recent success story is the case of the Norwegian archaeology investigator, Marit Johansson, who came to the Azores archipelago in Portugal three years ago through the programme. She is now completing a doctoral thesis on the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Angra do Heroísmo in the Azores, with a scholarship from universities in Norway and Sweden.
Website cuts through contract complications
A part of the European Commission’s Leonardo da Vinci programme, European Mobility helps individuals, companies and educational institutions produce customised agreements for full-time vocational training and apprenticeships. In five steps, the online process can produce a contract compliant with laws in the student or apprentice’s home country and in the destination country.
The agreements cover areas including working conditions, tutoring, accommodation, pay, social and professional liability and monitoring. Currently 21 countries take part in the scheme and the website has generated over 2 000 agreements.

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