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EURES Finland helps SMEs to think “European”

“SME’s are not sufficiently aware of the tools available for them,” says Maritta Mikkola, EURES Line Manager in Turku, Finland. Maritta represented EURES on an event aimed at promoting and encourage entrepreneurs to go international.              
The event, this year consisting of two happenings, KiVi IV (Finnish abbreviation of “Kilpailukykyä viennistä ja kansainvälistymisestä”, which means competitiveness from export and internationalisation) and EDE (the European Day of the Entrepreneur), is a yearly event. The KiVi started 2005 and is organised in regions of all the 15 Centres for Economic Development, Trafic and Environment in Finland. The KiVi event in Turku attracted 35 different organisations that all share the same aim: help companies go international. The Turku Employment and Economic Development Office/EURES was one of them.
“The umbrella theme of the EDE event was to ‘Realize your imagination’ challenging participants to make their ideas and thoughts come true. Bringing together all the organisations that constitute the toolbox for entrepreneurs in one place, can be a mind opener for many entrepreneurs. Some organisations, like EURES, operate free of charge while others can supply with founding when companies want to go international,” says Maritta.
The EURES stand was well visited during the event and many entrepreneurs asked questions about Europe-wide recruitment and internships. “We always have a lot of interested visitors that want to know more about our services. In Turku we have one EURES adviser specialised on helping entrepreneurs with European recruitment and one specialised on helping jobseekers to find jobs in Europe. But even if we see a lot of interest of our services we also see some reluctance to use them. When this is the case I usually inform that we offer our services free of charge and have a network of 850 EURES advisers spread in 32 European countries. Being a part of the public administration in Finland (EURES is always a part of the public employment service) is a guarantee for responsibility and trust. Put together EURES is an efficient and cost effective service for entrepreneurs, concludes Maritta.
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