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Italian doctor broaden his horizons

Dr Stefano Gelati, a psychiatrist, was newly married and and was looking forward to a stable career in his native Italy. Instead, he found himself constantly moving from one temporary contract to another. Faced with such a situation, his dream of moving to the UK grew ever stronger.                                                  
After a thorough recruitment process involving several interviews and a visit at the premises of his future employer, Dr Gelati and his wife moved to the UK in 2006. But before making the move Dr Gelati received a lot of help from the EURES team back home in Pavia, Italy.
He was able to benefit from the wealth of experience the team has developed in the health sector. Indeed, matching the profiles of Italian doctors with relevant vacancies throughout Europe dates back to 2002. “It’s not that doctors don’t have jobs in Italy, it’s just that some doctors are unable to find a position within their specialisation. So we help them find that in European countries where they are in high demand,” says Aurora Scalora, EURES Adviser in Pavia.
Dr Gelati is currently a Clinical Director and a line manager for 10 other consultant psychiatrists in the South Essex Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust. “I don’t think my career would have advanced as much if I’d stayed in Italy. In the UK doctors have personal training budgets that encourage people to develop and grow. The UK system gives strategic positions to senior professionals who really merit them, while in Italy you can end up staying in the same position for your entire career,” he asserts.
EURES helps candidates throughout the recruitment process by liaising with employers, embassies and universities. In this particular case, EURES went beyond classical job matching and helped to establish an ongoing partnership between the University of Pavia and the public health authorities in Essex. The partnership enables visits by medical students, encourages research partnerships and has recently led to opportunities for visiting university professors. “I take my job very seriously and want to find the best possible career opportunities for people who contact EURES,” says Aurora.
Even though Dr Gelati is very happy with his situation in the UK, he still entertains the idea of returning to Italy in the future. “I dream of moving back one day and being able to share and implement what I learnt here. But I won’t go back for just anything. As your knowledge and skills develop, so too do the expectations of what a reasonable career path should look like,” concludes Dr Gelati.  
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