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Germany set to attract Portuguese nurses

It’s no longer only doctors that are highly sought after in the health sector across the EU. Nurses are now increasingly in demand on the European labour market. In Germany, the demand is so high that hospitals are willing to pay for the necessary language training in order to successfully integrate non-native German speaking nurses.                       
“We’ve seen an increased demand, so we asked our EURES colleagues around Europe if there were any countries with a surplus of nurses. It was of course important for us not to recruit nurses in a country where they have a shortage, and Portugal replied positively to our request,” explains Ralf Czadzeck, EURES Adviser in Germany.      
In mid-June 2011, EURES Portugal and Germany organised Job Days in Porto and Lisbon. Several German employers were present and information was given to jobseekers who were interested in moving to Germany. Portugal systematically offers Job Days with a focus on different European countries to which Portuguese jobseekers might be interested in moving.
“A clear tendency is that it was mostly the recently graduated nurses who were interested in coming to Germany. I suppose that this has to do with the fact that it’s always more difficult to move to another country if you also have to move with a family,” says Ralf.
Healthcare in Germany is both run by private and public actors. Institutions from both sectors could be potential cooperation partners. Since this is a pilot project, a group of seven to 15 nurses will be accepted. Once these places are filled, the nurses will be invited to Germany for language training.
“Portuguese nurses have an excellent know-how of healthcare, but to be operable, they will of course have to speak German. In this project, their language training will be paid by their future employer,” explains Ralf. “If this concept of recruiting nurses to Germany from other countries taking part in EURES is successful, it is likely to be repeated,” he concludes.
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