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Getting your qualifications recognised in Europe

Just finished your studies and looking for a job elsewhere in Europe? Or perhaps you’ve been working for a while and want to move to another European country? But how do you ensure that your academic qualifications are recognised in another country? That’s when NARIC can help.          
The NARIC (National Academic Recognition Information Centres) network complements EURES by helping citizens of the EU, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Turkey to get their academic qualifications recognised in those countries and further afield. Professional qualifications can be checked against the regulated professions database, although some NARIC centres may also offer advice on professional recognition.
When should I contact a NARIC centre?
When applying for a job, a potential employer may ask for proof of your academic qualifications, particularly in the more specialised professions such as teaching, accounting or the medical profession. Knowing how your qualifications compare to those of the country to which you are applying can help enormously enabling you to get a job more easily. A NARIC centre should therefore be your first port of call.  
What services do NARICs provide?
In addition to advice on the recognition of academic qualifications, some NARIC centres provide a whole host of other services including information on how to obtain recognition for vocational and professional skills. NARIC UK, for example, provides a qualification compatibility service. For a fee* individuals or organisations (including businesses, academic institutions, recruitment and employment services, and government departments) can request “Letters of Comparability”, “Career Path Reports”, or even an English language assessment.
How long does it take?
Getting your qualifications recognised can be a time-consuming process and in some cases can take up to five months to get a decision.
There are NARIC centres in almost all European countries. However, the status and scope of the work that they provide varies, so it is worth contacting one in your country or the country where you want to go to find out.
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* Prices vary depending on the service provided so be sure to check this when contacting a particular NARIC Centre.
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