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New video explains your social security rights in Europe

Are you about to move to another country in Europe and wondering which country would be responsible for your social security benefits? The European Commission launched a video in June 2011 on “Moving within Europe”, which it hopes will make it easier to understand your social security rights.       
Social security includes healthcare, maternity benefits, family benefits, unemployment benefits and pensions. Although there are common rules in the EU (as well as Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland) that protect these rights, national legislation still applies.
Only one country at a time is responsible for your social security. Normally it is the country where you work or where you are self-employed but there are exceptions to the rule. What if you live in one country and work in another or you are sent to another country for a short-term assignment?
Need more information? In addition to this concise three-minute audiovisual overview, more detailed information on national social security systems is included in the 31 country-specific guides, also published in June 2011. Click the flag of the country in which you are interested for a comprehensive guide in English, French
and German.
Make sure you know your social security rights while moving around Europe. And remember you can always contact your local EURES Adviser for recruitment advice or tips regarding the living and working conditions in other European countries.
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