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EURES – a possible resource for SMEs

The European Union’s 23 million small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) constitute 99 % of the EU’s businesses. Entrepreneurs who are looking to recruit, move or expand their activities in other European countries could benefit from the services of EURES.      
“Entrepreneurs could use the EURES network when looking for skilled personnel in other parts of Europe, or for information about the procedures and requirements of hiring someone from elsewhere in Europe,” says Henk Smolders, a EURES Adviser in the Netherlands specialised in advising SME’s.
According to a 2007 European Commission SME Observatory survey there are over 23 million SMEs in Europe, meaning a company that employs 1 to 250 persons. SMEs constitute the overwhelming majority of European businesses and are a key driver for economic growth, innovation, employment and social integration in Europe. 
Through a network of 850 experienced EURES Advisers all over Europe, EURES offers SMEs its services free of charge, such as the possibility to advertise job vacancies on the Job Mobility Portal and advices on the living and working conditions in EURES member countries. If the vacancy is immediate EURES Advisers can also send a request to their colleagues in other countries, maximising the potential to find the right candidate.
 “We can also help SMEs that might not have a human resources department by helping them to write job vacancies in other languages for the EURES Job Mobility Portal. Or we can help them with a first screening of incoming curriculum vitaes (CVs) as we have a thorough experience of different cultures and in writing CVs,” explains Arend Mud, EURES Adviser in the Netherlands.  
This kind of support offered by EURES can prove to be a lifeline for SMEs on tight budgets.
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