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Job speed dating: how to make a good first impression

A job at first sight or perhaps an instant rejection – the concept of speed dating has made it into the realms of job recruitment. Although it is unlikely to replace more conventional recruitment methods, job speed dating is catching on as a first step in the process. It can be an effective way for jobseekers to present themselves and for employers to screen a larger number of candidates in a tight timeframe.  
Speed Dating used to be reserved for singles, but not any more. The format of the Job Speed Dating can vary but usually the interviews last between 5 and 10 minutes. So candidates have just minutes to impress potential employers in the hope of landing a job. A bell sounds to indicate that it’s time for the jobseeker to move on to a different employer.
“I do not think that job speed dating will be the new recruitment method replacing all others, but it can complement a mixture of different screening methods. I do recommend speed dating to employers who are looking to hire staff for positions that require that you make a good first impression. For example, we used this concept when we were hiring personnel for a hotel in Stockholm in Sweden,” says Ilona Orgmets, Recruitment Line Manager at Adecco in Sweden.
Throughout Europe, job speed dating is sometimes used by the EURES network. The concept is typically used to test a jobseeker’s character and ability to express himself or herself in an effective and substantial way.
“Because the answers the jobseekers give during that short amount of time are crucial, well-prepared candidates are more likely to be successful. I recommend that jobseekers call the company who invites them to a job speed dating event and ask them what skills and competences they are looking for in an applicant and why they chose this method,” advises Ilona. 
Advantages of using this method
“As an integral part of the recruitment process I think that job speed dating opens doors for candidates that might not otherwise have been called for a job interview because they don’t come across well in writing. For a lot of service jobs, writing is less important than making a good first impression or an oral presentation. So I would say that this is a challenge and an opportunity for jobseekers,” concludes Ilona.
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