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EURES helps dentist to recruit staff

Dental Zorg in Amsterdam, established in 1988, is a family-owned dental centre employing around 100 people. Some of these employees come from outside of the Netherlands. Dental Zorg’s Deputy Director, Naziem Adalat, has been successfully recruiting employees with the help of EURES since 2000.       
“My search for qualified dentists, oral hygienists and dental technicians in the Netherlands had not been very successful at the time. There was a shortage of good dentists, something I realised when I was looking for qualified personnel in the Netherlands,” explains Naziem.
Saving time and money
Naziem first contacted his local EURES Adviser back in 2000 to find out about the possibilities of cross-border recruitment and recruitment within the European Union in general. With EURES acting as an intermediary, he quickly found a dental technician in Germany.
Several years later, the dental centre has approached EURES again. “With our unique package of dental care and dental technology under the same roof, we began to expand rapidly to four centres, with 40 000 patients. We had to look for more qualified staff.”
Thanks to EURES the dental centre was able to recruit four dentists from elsewhere in the European Union. “EURES puts you on the right track, opening up the labour markets in other European countries. That saves time and money,” says Naziem.
Language is no barrier
Dental Zorg’s new staff undergo an intensive year-long training programme during which they learn about the national healthcare system in the Netherlands. They also have to learn Dutch so they can communicate effectively with patients at the centre. “Until new staff have acquired sufficient command of the language, they work with a colleague who speaks Dutch fluently,” states Naziem.
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