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EURES helps Belgian social worker find job in the UK

Flore Thewis from Belgium graduated as a social worker in 2004. After six years of working in different branches of social work she wanted to specialise. Her passion was to work with children, an area in which vacancies are scarce in Belgium and where temporary contracts are the norm. She was also looking for a new challenge that would enable her to build on the skills and experience she had already developed.
Trawling job offers on the website of Brussels regional office for employment, she came across a vacancy for a social worker in the UK.
“It sounded almost too good to be true. Not only were they offering a long-term contract, but it was also in my favourite field of work,” says Flore.
This was just the change she had been looking for and so she immediately applied online forwarding her CV. A few days later, a EURES Adviser at Brussels international employment centre that works closely with the regional office for Employment, informed her that her application had been sent to a recruitment agency for European social workers in the UK.
“The next day I received an email from the recruitment agency with information regarding the job and a request for a telephone interview. It completely took me by surprise and then I started to worry that a move to the UK would be too complicated. But my application was already in the process so I thought ‘I have nothing to lose’ and decided to go for it,” she explained.
Flore turned to EURES once again for support and advice on the living and working conditions in the UK, which helped allay any fears. “I was really relieved to hear that going to work abroad in Europe was that easy…”
After a second round of interviews, which included written tests, Flore successfully landed the job and made the move to the UK.
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