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PLOTEUS: a one-stop shop for information online

Looking for a work placement to boost your experience? Or wondering whether to study in another European country? A period abroad can improve your chances of finding a job in the future. It shows potential employers that you are able to work with diverse teams, motivated to learn a new language and it broadens your awareness of different cultures.    
What does PLOTEUS do?
PLOTEUS is the acronym for the Portal on Learning Opportunities. PLOTEUS does what the name suggests – provides information on jobs and learning opportunities in the EU Member States plus Switzerland, Iceland and Norway. It was set up in 2003 and is managed by the European Commission in collaboration with the National Resources Centres for Vocational Guidance (Euroguidance).
Just like EURES, it promotes the right to freedom of movement for European citizens by providing the useful information that will enable you to make your move.
What’s the difference between PLOTEUS and EURES?
PLOTEUS is a one-stop shop for information on education institutions and contains databases of training courses, as well as schools. Up-to-date information that would usually take you ages to find is available at a few clicks away.  
PLOTEUS is primarily aimed at helping students, jobseekers, workers, parents, trainers, HR Managers, careers guidance counselors and teachers to find out about studying and working in Europe. Whereas EURES is aimed at jobseekers and employers, and includes: specially-trained EURES Advisers, job vacancies, useful contacts for the job search and information on living and working conditions.
PLOTEUS also provides access to practical information and advice on EU Member States, including accommodation, travel, health and entertainment. In fact, PLOTEUS contains just about everything you need to know to prepare you for a life in another European country.
Millions of people choose to work or study in another European country every year, so why not you?
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