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Job Days across borders: 500 new contracts as four countries come together as one

The SaarLorLux region is in many ways the heart of the European Union, with five regional authorities coming together from four different Member States. A recent job fair in Saarbrücken in the region, has brought together over 6 500 visitors and led to 500 new placements and contracts.
One company that was participating in the event for the first time was Lapp Cable Works Ltd, who produces cables and conductors for a range of different industries and markets. Thilo Lindner is head of training at Lapp Cable Works Ltd and responsible for technical training in the Lapp Group. Thilo says “We were participating in a EURES event for the first time, we were looking for a suitable candidate to take on a traineeship in mechatronics and had been unable to find anyone through our own advertisements. We contacted the public employment office who then put us in contact with EURES and the job fair came at just the right time for us.”
“We met and talked to well over 50 people who were interested in the company and afterwards received seven applications for the training course and five more job inquiries. It was a great chance to talk directly with candidates and explain more about the role and the company. We were really satisfied with the candidates and finally decided on a young Frenchman who is just finishing school, he will begin the training in Saarbrücken in mid- August, which will last for three and a half years.”
“Overall the event was a great success for us and a great first experience with EURES. We take on new mechatronic engineers and trainees every two years, so we will definitely participate in the EURES Job Fair again in the future. The whole EURES team was fantastic and we were delighted by the care Mr Dürschmid gave to us.”
Bringing together jobseekers, employers and public bodies from Belgium, Luxembourg, France and Germany is not an easy task but it is all in a days work for Achim Dürschmid, the EURES Adviser who was the project leader in charge of the job fair in Saarbrücken.
Achim comments, “Around 2 500 positions were available and a lot of interviews took place on the day itself. It was a really successful event, with most of the employers coming back for the third or fourth time now, which shows how useful employers find it.”
“It was a really big event for us and needed a lot of organization and commitment from all the parties involved. We had an interesting and wide range of employers present, representing everything from healthcare and food to education and the public sector.” Achim says.
 “We received really positive reviews from everyone that was involved, with over 90 % customer satisfaction and over 96 % employer satisfaction; so I guess you can say that we had 100 % organiser satisfaction as well!” Achim adds.
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