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The benefits of face-to-face meetings

“I’m not anti-internet”, explains Swedish EURES Adviser Marie-Louise Chardet, “but there are certain advantages to a face-to-face meeting.” Here, Marie-Louise shares her top tips for how to arrange meetings with EURES Advisers and employers, what to expect, and how best to prepare.
There are many possibilities to help you get an important first interview in another European country. “The My First EURES Job scheme is a brilliant scheme to give young people financial support to meet with an employer in Europe”, Marie-Louise explains.
Your first stop should be a EURES Adviser in your home country. You can easily arrange an appointment – search using the EURES Advisers database and then call or send them an e-mail. You can also see which languages they speak, which could be useful if you have a particular country in mind. The EURES Adviser will also use the EURES network to help you find out about the different possibilities in European countries.
Attending a European Job Day in person is another excellent way to secure face-to-face meetings with both EURES Advisers and employers. “At the European Job Days in Paris this 3 - 4 October, I interviewed some 175 people,” Marie-Louise describes. “They were so pleased to meet someone, and this way I get the whole picture of the person, and then know how to best guide them and give them the tools they need for their job search now and in the future. 
So how can I prepare for a face-to-face meeting with an employer? The first thing is you need to know is how to describe your skills in a catchy and attractive way. Don’t just list what you did, but think about how you can market yourself to an employer. Think about how to display your personality – are you conscientious? Hardworking? Quick to learn? Reflect on how to show the employer your key qualities, and then work on presenting yourself well in face-to-face meetings.
The main advantage of meeting face-to-face with an employer is that you have the chance to show far more than just your hard skills – your qualifications and experience. You can show your personality to an employer - which could be more important for employers than you think.
“Many people also don’t feel comfortable meeting online,” Marie-Lousie explains. “Doing things online is a fantastic tool, allowing jobseekers and employers to meet where it might not have been otherwise possible – but if you can meet in person there is an added value. This way the employer is able to check that you would fit into his or her team.”
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