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Jobs aplenty for young entertainers

The entertainment sector is an exciting option for people seeking first-time work experience with a dash of fun. A fruitful annual collaboration in northern Italy between EURES and an industry employer delivers many varied jobs in other parts of Europe and the world.
“Our entertainment sector, which includes hotel and catering, has contracted recently but still generates steady employment,” says Giovanna Nastasi, a EURES Adviser in Genoa, Italy.
In 2009, she initiated her office’s collaboration with Obiettivo Tropici – an Italian company that recruits entertainers for holiday clubs and villages in Italy, Greece and Spain, plus Cuba, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia and the Caribbean. Key profiles include entertainment staff and supervisors, fitness instructors, choreographers, lifeguards, and DJs.
Through EURES Genoa, Massimo Messina first found a job with Obiettivo Tropici in 2008, starting as a children’s entertainer in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, after being trained by the employer. He repeated the experience the next year in a Sicilian holiday club and has since worked for the company in Greece and Kenya, including winter seasons. “My varied jobs, including stints as a leader and group manager, have helped me to grow professionally. Working as an entertainer is not only a job, but a way of life!” says Massimo.
Massimo’s passion for his job is typical, according to Fabio Galatola, head of recruitment for the company in northern Italy: “Most of our recruits who complete the summer season fall in love with this activity. Some continue in a similar capacity for many years afterwards.”
EURES’s role was to follow the whole recruitment process between January and April, from reception of CVs to the final interview with the employer. In 2013, around half of the 47 people interviewed in Genoa received a job proposal.
Personality, a priority
Candidates for Obiettivo Tropici jobs must be over 18 and have completed secondary school. Most of the jobs are temporary contracts for three months over the summer, so they also suit university students.
Giovanna notes that candidates should be outgoing and prepared for long hours. “They should also speak at least one foreign language – especially English, German or Russian,” she says. “Once hired, many find their jobs rewarding and a springboard to future employment.”
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