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“Your first EURES job”: Coming to a country near you!

After a successful first year, the “Your first EURES job” scheme is being extended to four new countries. If you are a young European looking for a job in another EU country, it may be able to help you to get the job and even to get set-up in a new country.
Launched in 2012, “Your first EURES job” (YfEj) aims to support young EU nationals aged between 18-30 years to find a job in another EU country. The scheme was originally launched in four countries and is now covering eleven Member States. Although it is being run by employment services in those countries, the scheme is open to all EU nationals who meet the required criteria. 
Pieter van Schie, the Chief Executive of Werkcenter, responsible for implementing the scheme in the Netherlands, said: “I think it’s a great idea and I am very glad that we have been chosen as one of the next countries to use the scheme. Young people are Europe’s most valuable resource and in the current climate, initiatives like this are important to help match jobseekers with employers across the EU.”

“We had a meeting in Brussels with other countries that have already been using the scheme and generally the reaction has been very positive. We listened to their advice and are targeting our efforts on particular areas of the EU where we have good contacts and partnerships in place.”

Although Pieter was very positive about the scheme, he did stress that there was a need to manage expectations and a need to learn from the countries who have already implemented the scheme. He added, “In terms of problems they have encountered, a key one was managing expectations. We have to be realistic about what the project can achieve; there is a jobs crisis for young people in Europe and, as positive as I am about the scheme, it cannot solve everything. For this reason we do have to be careful in how we present the scheme, especially on social media, otherwise the scheme will simply not be as effective as it can be.”
Salvatore Chiaia is Global Tender Officer for the GI Group, a private employment service implementing the YfEj scheme in Italy and five other EU countries. He echoed Pieter’s comments on the scheme and talked about how it fitted into the organisation’s vision for increasing international mobility and tackling youth unemployment, “We want to help at least 500 young people find a job in SMEs and multinational enterprises across Germany, UK, Poland, Spain, Romania, and Italy. This is the goal that GI Group set itself within the initiative.”
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