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From EURES recruitment fair to a new job in just one month

By hosting a recruitment fair in Amersfoort in the heart of the Netherlands, EURES attracted jobseekers from across the country – linking them up with prospective employers eager to snap up new talent. One such jobseeker landed a post in Belfast only one month after the event.
Kimmo de Gooijer, a 31-year-old from Blaricum in north Holland, had been unemployed since October 2012. He was living with his parents when he heard about the “Be heard in Europe” recruitment day in April of this year through the website of the Dutch public employment service. It was the start of a process that would see him take up the job of microsoft moderator at business services company Concentrix. The role sees him answering questions on Microsoft’s public forum as well as giving one-to-one advice to customers.
Den Helder-based EURES Adviser, Cindy Sijmonsma, and her colleague in Amersfoort, Evert Van der Meijden, were responsible for organising the day-long event for jobseekers looking for work in customer contact centres, reservation offices and help desks. It was attended by eight companies from six different countries.
“We know that employers really prefer face-to-face contact in the recruitment process,” says Cindy. “After we advertised in job centres, on the EURES portal and the DutchPublic Employmnet Service, UWV, website, 80 people showed up – most were unannounced.”
Jobseekers had brief “speed meetings” with employers and contact details were exchanged. Since then, at least four people have started working thanks to contacts made at the event. One of them is Kimmo. “I got in contact with Cindy through the website and she told me that Concentrix would be attending the jobs fair in Amersfoort,” he says.
The initial contact at the recruitment fair led to a written language test and a technical exam – both conducted via e-mail. “After that was done, I had to describe my motivation over the phone to the recruiters,” adds Kimmo. “They wanted to know what my plans were and how long I would be doing this job. And then that same day I also had to talk with some of the Dutch people from the company – so I could ask some questions that I had and they could get an impression of my Dutch talking skills.
“The whole recruitment process took one month – from attending the jobs fair to the acknowledgment that I had the job. And then, a week later, I was on a plane on my way to Belfast.”
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